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We have gently turned over the earth around our olive trees (Leccini, Lecci del Corno, Moraiolo and Pendolino are the varieties of olives which we have on our farm).

We have freed it of brambles and weeds which were covering everything, after fifty years of being left to itself.

We have enriched our land with biodiversity, planting in rows hundreds of different types of plants while leaving perhaps even too much local vegetation (oaks, mastic trees, holm oaks, cork oaks, sessile oaks, myrtle, strawberry trees, viburnum).

We have fought against parasites only using natural snares of ammonia and small amounts of copper in such a way and not penetrating the sap that these elements are not found in the olive oil itself.

Olive trees are strong and resistant and they are used to surviving with only very little rain in the summer months in Maremma; we have, therefore, grown them without any irrigation in order not to waste not even one drop of water.

We have even limited, as much as possible, using machines to turn over and work on the soil.

We have hand-picked all the olives at exactly the right moment and then, wasting no time, have handed them over to the oil mill which then prepared the olive oil right in front of our eyes.

The final result, therefore, is an extremely high quality, extra virgin olive oil, with a low grade of acidity and which is in line with all the very severe rules and regulations covering the legal production of olive oil.
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