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We are not quite sure what we think about global warming, whether the ecologists have invented a lot of it as they want us to go back to the Stone Age. But, in the meantime, we are working hard to build a slightly better world to leave in heritage to our kids.

The water used on our farm is heated by solar panels; electricity mostly comes from our photovoltaic plant; 90% of the heating is made by geothermal energy; the swimming pool is disinfected by electrolysis of normal, table salt and the chlorine thereby produced is not harmful to the environment and it doesn't sting the skin and eyes; our olives are not treated with any plant protection product.

We have chosen a kind of grass, for the garden around the farmhouse, which is extremely resistant to heat and drought. By doing so, our guests can enjoy the bright green grass knowing that water has not been wasted on irrigation.

Tourism that Stella di Maremma promotes is:
  • sustainable tourism because it promotes biological agriculture and protects the environment, it chooses energy coming from renewable sources, it gives importance to sustainable transport, it promotes rubbish recycling, it re-uses rain water and sewage, it chooses what sustainable architecture makes, and offers its guests products made with biological textiles, eco- cosmetics and clean detergents
  • a responsible tourism because it puts, on top of the list, places and traditions of the host local communities, enhancing the value of their historical, artistic and cultural heritage
  • a tourism which promotes accomodation that does not harm the environment and which does not take advantage of natural resources purely to satisfy the needs of tourists.
  • tourism for people and families who choose a healthy way of life and who respect and enjoy local food and drink traditions.


Carefully read up about the area by means of guide books, books, internet and then discover these places thanks to what the local people have to say about it. Please ask for the guides we have available for you; they will be happy to help you. Moreover, the whole farmhouse has free wi-fi.
Find time to taste the local produce and traditional dishes, to breathe in the fragance of the air, to live according to the natural pace of local life. Our extra virgin olive oil comes from our own olives, hand-picked by us and with its ICEA sustainable certificate. If you would like to buy some bottles, we can sell you some.
Respect the natural treasures, the traditions and the resources which our area and community can offer you.
Save the environment as much as possible, go on foot, by train or by bike, try not to waste anything and recycle rubbish.

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